Venezia by Fabriano

These sketches are all in my new 9x12 Venezia Sketchbooks. the paper is wonderful for ink and takes watercolor washes very well
I am inspired by the techniques in one of my favorite art books Watercolor without Boundaries by Karlyn Holman. all the drawings I plan on will be cityscapes, or landscapes, many from photos I took while on a trip to the UK and France. There will also be sketches from photo refs around the world shared by my Wetcanvas art friends.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Doing a bit of catchup here
these are a set of Nested windows, photo ref by friend Kat from the WDE from April 2015

and a busker on the street in Dublin, photo ref by friend Connie from the WDE from  May 2015

a village street, ref by Joel Loren  from WE May 2015, just loose watercolors, no ink

Next a street scene on Kerkyra St, Greece, 

next, an abandoned stairway in the south of France from July 2015

Finally a look at some scenes from Havana, ref by Jean from the WDE in Sept 2015

Saturday, January 31, 2015

I have been messing around a bit with images
this one was from a photo ref of an old Blikensdurfer Company typewriter from 1892, posted by a friend on wetcanvas. when I gave it life it kind of reminded me of a David Lynch film I saw years ago, but not as weird.
I call him Old Blicky

the next challenge was to paint like Gustav Klimt, I never appreciated his style quite so much until I tried this.  It was fashioned after Klimt's "Death and Life", I chose only the life side of his painting and incorporated a group of clay figures provided in a photo ref, from a sculptures studio.
this was mostly done in ink and Inktense pencils

Thursday, January 1, 2015

drawn and painted in October from a couple references by Chrispur from wetcanvas

Busy Venice Market

this was done from several buggy references from th wildlife forum on Wetcanvas, they all seemed to be in party mode

Welcome to the BugBar
Mr Buzzy enjoying a Stinger, the barflys hanging out, Ms. mantis doing her pole dance to the crooning Dragoness. attentive audience Casey-Caterpiller, Denis-Hopper and the Widow

last one of 2014, an combo of various scenes from Genoa , NV