Venezia by Fabriano

These sketches are all in my new 9x12 Venezia Sketchbooks. the paper is wonderful for ink and takes watercolor washes very well
I am inspired by the techniques in one of my favorite art books Watercolor without Boundaries by Karlyn Holman. all the drawings I plan on will be cityscapes, or landscapes, many from photos I took while on a trip to the UK and France. There will also be sketches from photo refs around the world shared by my Wetcanvas art friends.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

I have been messing around a bit with images
this one was from a photo ref of an old Blikensdurfer Company typewriter from 1892, posted by a friend on wetcanvas. when I gave it life it kind of reminded me of a David Lynch film I saw years ago, but not as weird.
I call him Old Blicky

the next challenge was to paint like Gustav Klimt, I never appreciated his style quite so much until I tried this.  It was fashioned after Klimt's "Death and Life", I chose only the life side of his painting and incorporated a group of clay figures provided in a photo ref, from a sculptures studio.
this was mostly done in ink and Inktense pencils

Thursday, January 1, 2015

drawn and painted in October from a couple references by Chrispur from wetcanvas

Busy Venice Market

this was done from several buggy references from th wildlife forum on Wetcanvas, they all seemed to be in party mode

Welcome to the BugBar
Mr Buzzy enjoying a Stinger, the barflys hanging out, Ms. mantis doing her pole dance to the crooning Dragoness. attentive audience Casey-Caterpiller, Denis-Hopper and the Widow

last one of 2014, an combo of various scenes from Genoa , NV

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

'Brellas on the Beach
a quick one so the perspective and acuracy are out the window

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Doc and the Butterfly

my friend Li's dog Doc and a combo of old buildings and a butterfly  for

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

An accumulation of images from my recent trip to Maui. the Bench is a wonderful hand hewed version at the Pineapple ranch, the cool pups I found at a fair with their sunglasses on, and the pots came from a totem pole at the Art Center

Saturday, October 12, 2013

I haven't been diligent with my posts, so will add a few I have done in the past months.

a stork from the Netherlands

The 59 Rivoli is a building right in the heart of Paris that's full of nothing but artist's studios. There's a gallery on the ground floor that has a new exposition every 2 weeks. In the beginning, it was a squat that was started by artists looking for a place to work, live and show. The artists opened it to the public 6 days a week. It's now legalized and still open to the public who can come through and visit the artists. Unlike a gallery where you only see a small amount of the artist's work, at 59 Rivoli, you get to truly enter into an artist's universe where the work is actually created.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I haven't posted anything for a while,
this is a mixed media experiment:
I used a base of water souble wax pastels, then added ink and WC pencils touched up with a bit of watercolor
this is drawn -painted from a reference buy LiSilk from wetcanvas, this is her dialogue:

Bodie Ghost Town Mining Mill

In 1859 William (a.k.a. Waterman) S. Bodey discovered gold near what is now called Bodie Bluff. A mill was established in 1861 and the town began to grow. It started with about 20 miners and grew to an estimated 10,000 people by 1880! By then, the town of Bodie bustled with families, robbers, miners, store owners, gunfighters, prostitutes and people from every country in the world. At one time there was reported to be 65 saloons in town. Among the saloons were numerous brothels and 'houses of ill repute', gambling halls and opium dens - an entertainment outlet for everyone.
On a daily basis miners would emerge from the mills and head for the bars and the red light district to spend their earnings. The mixture of money, gold and alcohol would often prove fatal. Newspapers report that towns people would ask in the mornings "Have a man for breakfast?"; Meaning 'Did anyone get killed last night?'
Some records show that a ";Wm. Body"; took a ship from New York, around the horn to end up in San Francisco. It isn't clear if that's the same man who was prospecting near present day Bodie. In any case, the spelling of the name was changed at some point before the majority of the people made their way to Bodie, and it stuck.
Today, even though Bodie is down a dusty, bumpy, slow 13 mile long road off of State Highway 395, it's amazing how many people are aware of this once glorious town. Approximately 100 buildings still stand in a state of arrested decay.